Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm Back

It's been a month since this thing started, and everything is just as I expected.

I am slowly catching up, since starting a new job, moved a bunch of stuff around in the shop, and still trying to finish about 8 million things around the house. I have a pile of cases slowly going out the door, so if you're wondering where your's is, it is probably in the next batch.

I just finished a recent case for Cuemaker JER of Blackheart cues. It is a basic 2b2s sewn case, with brass hardware. I used Chestnut English Bridle for this one. I think it came out quite nice.

I'll some shop pics soon, with cases made in various stages. I think it will give a nice picture (no pun intended) as to how much work goes into a Nittany Leather case.

I'm off to Florida this week for the National Conference for Civil Air Patrol. Check them out at http://www.cap.gov/. I'll probably post some pics from on the road. It should be a fun drive.


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